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Psychoeducational Testing Services

Teacher Helping Student

Florida Neuropsychology Associates offers psychoeducational testing by psychologists trained in the educational-based assessment, learning difficulties, and behavioral problems within the school setting. Florida Neuropsychology Associates  psychologists are uniquely qualified to prepare psychoeducational evaluation reports in order to provide both the school and parents with important information on a child in an effort to determine the most appropriate services and best program placement.

We follow the standards set forth by the American Psychological Association that oversee the use and interpretation of psychological and educational tests.

What is a Psychoeducational Evaluation?

A psychoeducational evaluation offers a snapshot of a child’s current cognitive and educational functioning. The psychologist will need a thorough history of the child that includes medical, prenatal and perinatal factors that can affect learning.

A psychoeducational evaluation is essentially an assessment of a student’s functioning in three main areas: learning ability, academic skills development, and personality or adjustment factors.

Tests of Cognitive Abilities: These measure a student’s abilities in terms of I.Q., verbal reasoning, visual reasoning, problem-solving, working memory/attention, and processing speed. Additional tests may be given to assess such areas as phonological processing, executive functioning, etc.

Tests of Academic Skill Development: These explore a student’s skills in reading, written language, and mathematics. Students are tested on basic skills development and higher-level application and reasoning skills, such as comprehension, word identification and applied mathematical problem-solving.

Test of Personality/Adjustment Factors: These determine a student’s emotional, behavioral, and adaptive functioning, including: self-esteem, depression, anxiety, family dynamics, adjustment to change and transition, motivation and acting out behaviors.

Test scores can be impacted by the student’s test-taking behavior. We understand that how children obtain test scores is just as important as the actual scores themselves. This is why we gather both qualitative and quantitative information to compile our report.

Why Perform an Evaluation?

We do this to determine whether a specific learning or other disability is having an effect on a student’s school performance. For instance, the diagnosis of an attention deficit disorder can lead to high amounts of academic frustration and inability to perform at an optimal level.

An evaluation helps to provide a better idea of how a student learns best. Knowing a student’s learning style or profile can help teachers and parents work with the student to make adjustments and maximize potential.

When is a Psychoeducational Evaluation Recommended?

We recommend psychoeducational evaluations for students experiencing academic difficulties and frustration.

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