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What is Forensic Neuropsychology?

Forensic neuropsychology is a branch of clinical neuropsychology. The assessments, findings of facts, and conclusions of a forensic neuropsychological evaluation are usually intended to be used in a forensic, that is, legal, setting.

What Does a Forensic Neuropsychologist Do?

A forensic neuropsychologist provides information based on scientifically validated neuropsychological principles and clinical treatment as it relates to critical legal questions.

Neuropsychological Testing
  • Cognition, attention, and concentration

  • Problem-solving

  • Learning and memory

  • Language and verbal ability

  • Motor and sensory skills

  • Visual and spatial perception

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What We Offer

Expert Witness

Our staff includes some of the most experienced neuropsychologists in the field. We have seen hundreds of traumatic brain injury and neurological disorder cases. Our staff have been well trained by leaders in the field at institutions such as Pepperdine University and the University of Southern California. We have specialists for all age groups, from age 0 to older adulthood.

We provide a case review with a single goal in mind: to transform what often starts as a confusing, jargon-filled, lengthy history into a concise and compelling story. Reviewing the history enables us to connect the dots, create a timeline, and talk about the causal events that led up to a client’s current status.

Forensic Neuropsychological Evaluations

We will evaluate the presence and severity of brain pathology in cases of confirmed or suspected brain injury, document the extent of the functional deficits or disabilities, the probable causes of the deficits, any limitations to competence or daily functioning, and probable prognosis. An evaluation includes a record review, testing, interviews, observations, a clear and comprehensive integrated report, and verbal feedback about the rendered opinions.

Civil Litigation & Medical Malpractice

Florida Neuropsychology Associates provides independent opinion about the functional deficits a client demonstrates. We can conduct an evaluation or a case review and provide an objective, independent, expert opinion.

In addition to conducting an evaluation or review and/or providing expert witness testimony, we are available for private consultation. We provide the same high quality analysis and provide education and advice that is held to the same standard as the opinions we give that may provide the foundation for future expert witness testimony.

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